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Growing up in a family of handcrafters, Julia Sisi was destined to be in the arts.
Sisi, as her friends call her, was obsessively drawing since her earliest years,
but she kept the drawings in her private world, showing them only to family and close friends.
It was not until 2003, when she was 46 years old and living in the Canary Islands,
that she started to show a few of her works on the internet.
Soon, she was contacted by artists and galeries,
and since then her work has been shown widely in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

Her works are now part of museums and international collections:
MNMA Museum of Marginal Art (Serbia)
VERSI Museum of Outsider and Brut Art, Jong-In (South Korea)
Psychedelic Art Centre, Collection Elalouf, Paris (France)  
Outsider Art World Demirel Collection (Germany)
Outsider Art Brut Bolliger Collection (Zwitzerland)  
Danielle Jacqui's Collection (France)
Sue Kreitzman's collection (London and NYC)

Identity is one of the big questions in Sisi's art.
Are they portraits? Yes, and not. They are portraits of imaginary people.
They can make us question how we perceive people around us.
She calls her portraits 'The Whispering Faces'.
In her words: “The Whispering Faces are whispering to us, talking about their lives, telling their stories.
But it's not a vocal whispering, it's a visual whispering. I just translate their voice into images over the paper.
Flowing like a river, life cross over us, leaving marks over our face/identity.
All of us, we have our life's picture history embedded in our skin.
Our whispering faces are our pictorial journals,
tattooed with the radiant ink of time”

Julia Sisi was born in 1957 in Argentina, South America.
After a nomadic life, she now resides and works in a small village of central France,
surrounded by rivers, forest and wildlife.